Review of Gallant Dill

I recently decided to take a small gamble and try one of Gallant Dill’s courses. Although the price tag was high I am working in a line of business where even small improvements to my process can lead to huge returns on the backend.

I became aware of Gallant Dill through his Facebook group. It’s a huge group and totally worth getting into as their are a lot of like minded people who are trying to get better at growing their businesses.


Should you trust other reviews that are online? I’d say no. I had a very positive experience with this course and the bad reviews that are online seem to be accurate.

I was a little skeptical of the value I’d get from this course at the beginning because it’s unfortunate but Gallant is plagued with a few bad reviews on the web and they all appear to be coming from the same guy who decided to go crazy on review sites.

About Me:

Before taking this course I have been an entrepreneur now for 10+ years. I have built 6 figure companies but I wanted to get to the next level. With the advice I have gotten I have already been able to pay for the the course and make a little bit extra profit.

How did I find out about the course?

I learned about the course while reading this article on Gallant Dill.  I similarly come from a rough background so it was cool seeing someone else pull their way out of a bad situation.

For others who are trying to decide whether they want to do the course I’d recommend these videos. The first video is one I did. The other 2 give a good perspective.

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