Superior Farms American Lamb

Lamb meat is a favorite animal protein dish in many American homes that date many centuries back. Superior Farms, since its invention in 1964, has grown to become one of the leading suppliers and producers of lamb in America. Their success is as a result of respectful partnerships with their vast small-scale sheep farmers. These partnerships make Superior Farms an employee-owned company comprising of clusters of families who take care of the flock as a livelihood.   

Superior Farms’ uniqueness is in the knowledge and expertise of sheep rearing. The family farmers have been in business for decades passing on the skills of tending sheep from one generation to the next. As a tradition and just as nature dictates, Superior Farms’ sheep roam freely to feed on the naturally growing grass, topped off with natural grains. Superior Farms’ other brands are Cascade Creek and Farmers Mark.

The Uniqueness of Superior Farm’s American Lamb

The giant supplier of lamb has its competitors, but over time it has set the pace on rearing and processing of lamb. Various factors make the American lamb the go-to source for lamb dish in many homes and restaurants. Though lamb is not a new dish, it has only started gaining followers recently with the increase in sensitization and benefits to consumers.

The firm has been in operation since 1964. Before specializing in lamb, it was processing both beef and lamb. The quality of their lamb has never gone down over the years. They have instead, invested in processing machinery to increase production.

Employee-Owned Firm

In more than half a century, Superior Farms has benefitted hundreds of small-scale sheep farmers in 26 States. Their success is mostly in part to their sheep-rearing skills that ensure only quality products reach the consumer. When consumers choose Superior Farms products, they’re helping a family that has dedicated their lives to raising up-to-standard lamb. A superior Farm’s dish is helping pay off school fees and put someone else’s meal on the table.  

Naturally Grown Sheep

When sheep feed on natural products, they develop a unique flavor. Superior Farms don’t underestimate this fact. Their success in locking in many consumers recently is the discovery of their mild tasting, lean and tender lamb. The unique flavor is because their sheep feed in open green fields full of rich and diverse vegetation. They also feed on natural grains to supplement the grazing.

Well Cared Sheep

Majority of Superior Farm’s American lamb’s consumers are thoughtful of their source of meat.  For this reason, the dedicated ranchers work hard to ensure they care for the flock from birth to maturity. The family farmers are committed to raise healthy animals and take care of them as their only source of livelihood. Farmers pay keen attention to the sheep’s every detail, which leads to their well-being.

Growth and Sustainability

To ensure sustainability, Superior Farms has invested in a state of the art machinery that processes a lamb in 28 minutes. This processor produces more than 1000 lambs humanely a day for both local consumption and export. The processor uses green energy from the wind and solar panels installed on the ground. Also, the procedure is improved to minimize stress on the sheep.

They Do Not Use Hormones

Superior Farms meats have become most home’s and restaurant’s delicacies because of their natural tasting flavor. Reason for this taste is their commitment to adhere to natural feeding. They do not use hormones to boost growth. Instead, the sheep grow on naturally growing vegetation.  

Their Policy on Antibiotics

Most people fear the consumption of antibiotics in their meat without their knowledge. Superior Farms ranchers only use medicines if the sheep fall ill. In that case, it is removed from the rest of the sheep to recuperate in isolation until it’s completely healed and the antibiotic wears off.

American Lamb’s Benefits


  • Lean Meat


Consumers are learning the benefits of consuming lean red meat. Unlike beef, American lamb’s fat is at the edges, making it easy to cut off.  


  • Mild Flavor


Lamb has a pleasant flavor, especially when it’s below a year old. Many people who have an aversion towards beef and pork find lamb acceptable to their taste buds.


  • Nutrition Facts


Lamb is a superfood with a high source of proteins. It’s also a source of absorbable iron due to the red meat quality. Further, it has a balanced distribution of amino acids and a variety of vitamins.


  • Source of CLA


Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a powerful antioxidant produced naturally by herbivores. The grass-fed-lambs have a large amount of CLA they pass on to the consumers.


American lamb is an all season delicacy both at home and at outdoor eateries. Recently, the dish has gained popularity due to its unique flavor and health benefits. Despite the increase in demand, Superior Home American lamb has maintained its quality, rearing sheep through family farmers in the natural and traditional way.

As a result, their lamb chops have never ceased to be appealing, and over time, the firm has gained a massive following. Although there are other alternative American favorites such as chicken and beef, lamb chops are the healthiest alternative with lower calories and saturated fats.

In the 21st century, Superior Farms is not slowing down its mission to provide lamb delicacies to the vast lamb consumers. Their committed sustainability for both quality meat and nature is evident in their partnerships with many small farmers in 26 States.    

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